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  • Does this fee include any entertainers?
    Cost for entertainers are excluded.
  • How many rounds of edits can I make?
    Each package includes 2 round of edits.
  • Do you get rehearsal day to run through what the venue will look like?
    Yes, we provide a day to run through with you what the venue will look like.
  • Is it possible to livestream video?
    Due to bandwidth, processing times, and the server load from a crowd, livestream into the metaverse is still not encouraged. We recommend streaming of pre-recorded videos. The speaker can be live on text or video chat to answer any questions or facilitate any discussions.
  • What kind of events would work?
    The metaverse venue is a blank slate and it can cater for all kinds of events.
  • Is it possible to make my event private?
    Yes, we can make the event password protected, similar to how you may run a private zoom call.
  • Can I customise the venue?
    You will be able to choose 2 colours to sync the venue to your corporate colours.
  • What kind of events would work?
    The metaverse venue is a blank slate and it can cater for all kinds of events.
  • Do you provide a studio where we can record a speech?
    Yes, we do provide studio spaces. Please contact us via our chat or contact form for more information on studio rates.
  • What does a 1 parcel venue look like with your Ultra Basic plan?
    We have two venues that you may choose from to host your next event: Red Brick Venue: Futuristic Gallery:
  • Do you provide video editing?
    Yes, we do provide video editing as an add-on service. Please contact us via our chat or contact form for more information on video editing rates.
  • What is included in a metaverse introduction package?
    A presentation + Q&A introducing blockchain, metaverse, NFTs, and how to setup your digital wallet. Conducted by our web3 team.
  • How long a lead time do I need?
    Minimum 14 working days in advance.
  • How do I book a meeting with you?
    To book a meeting with us, please visit our booking page:
  • Do you guys have any active spaces in the metaverse I can check out?
    We certainly do! Head into our Pixel Party venue in Decentraland via this link: Things you can do: 1. Zombie hunt using our custom blaster to win an epic #WAGMI disk wearable from our collection 2. Treasure hunt to get an Attendance pass NFT, our gasless alternative to POAPs 3. Watch a livestream from a set specially filmed by top artists in Asia 4. NFT button to display NFT attendance passes collected from our events 5. Dashboard and custom artist-inspired pop-up displays We're also building on other web3 metaverses. Enquire with us to find out more!
  • Is Decentraland viewable on mobile or ipad?
    At the moment, Decentraland is only viewable by a laptop or desktop computer. Those on Windows can download the desktop client. There are upcoming plans for Decentraland on mobile and also on VR.
  • What metaverse is this?
    This is in Decentraland, the #1 metaverse with over 800,000 registered users.
  • What are the minimum system requirements for Decentraland?
    Minimum system requirements can be found here.
  • What are some famous events in Decentraland?
    Samsung Galaxy smartphone launch event (CNBC) Sotheby’s virtual gallery in Decentraland (Sotheby’s) Australian Open 2022 “AO Metaverse” (Forbes) Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Why Tommy Hilfiger’s CEO Believes Metaverse Fashion Week Added Value To The Business Coca-Cola NFTs Auctioned For More Than $575K
  • How do I try out the Alpha version of BWLAND?
    To be a part of the Alpha version, you must: 1. Take a look at the list of technical specs and ensure that your scene meets the requirements here: 2. Contact us via the chat bot or email: and provide the appropriate files. 3. Indicate the purpose of your interest and/or type of metaverse activation.

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