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A web3 metaverse playable on all portable devices via internet browser. It is designed to be accessible to everyone, making it a metaverse for the masses.

In BWLAND, users can create and customise their own avatars, interact with other players, and explore a variety of virtual worlds. With its accessibility and immersive gameplay, BWLAND is poised to become a popular destination for players looking to experience the next generation of online worlds.

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Take Your Business Into The Metaverse

We're here to provide you with the strategy, creativity, and development capabilities. End-to-end support at an incredible price point. No hidden fees and best price guarantee.


Digital Collectibles (NFTs)

Put your digital assets on the chain for users to collect.
Add Play2Earn activities within the metaverse to drive interaction.


A purpose built venue for events

Create an impossible landscape which leaves an impression and encourages exploration.

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Customised Wearables

Launch assets that can be collected or sold.
Each asset is recorded on-chain with its unique rarity and scarcity.

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Mini- Games


Tap on our mini-games library developed on TypeScript.
Customise them with your brand's content and launch them quickly.


Customised Avatars

Make your brand leaders and mascots as 3D avatars and animate them.


Introducing BW2™️ for Metaverse Interoperability

Our proprietary tech stack is modular and available right out of the box so you can launch faster and more reliably.


This consists of enterprise grade servers, dynamic noSQL databases, API gateways, invisible 3D smart pixels, streaming via AWS MediaLive, gasless NFT mints and more.

Host-your-own enterprise infrastructure.


Why Us?

We run regular events in the metaverse. You will use the same configuration we use to delight hundreds of fans and host celebrity artists.


Being organisers ourselves, we’re always pushing the boundaries and upgrading our assets with the latest specs that maximise the experience for attendees.


Our network across various web3 metaverses and building our proprietary mobile-browser optmised service will help you go to market quick.

What are we up to?

We are currently developing a mobile experience for users to access our very own metaverse. Using three.js we are able to create unique venues for your event with our specially designed avatars.


Our platform will be the first of its kind and has been designed from the ground up with quality and usability in mind.


Create your event

Move your brand into the metaverse and tap on our unique rental model available for all price points.

Starting from as low as $2.5k.

Partnering Brands

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Let's Work Together

Start your journey into the metaverse with Bandwagon Labs

Bandwagon Labs

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Tel: (65) 9010-3629

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